Bulletin 28th July 2019

St Michael’s Church, Newtownhamilton

St Oliver’s Church, Dorsey

St Patrick’s Church, Cullyhanna

Sometimes prayer is easy – these are the times when we feel good about God and all around us is doing ok. At other times it may be that we feel prayer is not necessary – these can be the times when we are free from any pressure / anxiety and we do not need God ! And of course we can pray very well at a time of crises – maybe because we feel no-one else can help us and we are desperate ! It might help if we could understand prayer as getting to know someone (i.e. God) and not just see prayer as twisting God’s arm !! Prayer is good for us and it helps us come to realise the enormity of the phrase

The greatest gift I ever had came from God, I call him Dad!

“ Our Father !”

SAT 27th  July              

NTH 9am Mass

DORSEY 6.30pm Mass

Susan Marie Reel.

John & Mary Hughes & DM.

SUN 29th July    

Newtownhamilton 10am

Kathleen McDonald.

Cullyhanna 11.30am

Hughie Largey. 

Rosaleen & Charles Hughes & DM.  

MON 30th    July 8pm Mass

Brigid Duffy.        

TUES 31st  July   9am Mass

WED – 1st Aug    9.30am Mass

THUR – 2nd Aug 9am Mass

FRI 3rd Aug        9am Mass  

SAT 4th Aug                

Newtownhamilton 9am Mass

Dorsey        6.30pm Mass

For the People.

SUN 5th  Aug     

Newtownhamilton 10am Mass – For the People.    

Cullyhanna 11.30am Mass

Anne Reel (2nd Anniv)

John & Sue Connolly

Patrick, Annie & Mary Moley

Bernard & Catherine Largey    

Triduum in honour of Divine Mercy:

Wednesday 11th Sept, Thurs 12th Sept & Fri 13th Sept @ 7.30pm.

We send our prayerful congratulations to Bishop Michael Router on his consecration as Auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Armagh.  He is a native of Virgina in Co Cavan.  We pray God’s blessings on him as he takes up his new role in our Diocese.  He has been assigned with the title of Titular See of Lugmad (which is an ancient name for Louth). 

Notice: We will be having a parish Mission in March 2020 next year.  Details to follow in due course.

St Patrick’s GFC LOTTO results:     6, 25, 30 & 31

Sunday choir:  will resume again in Sept.

Rural Health Partnership:  Hopeful minds Retreat Day, Wednesday 31st July @ 10am – 3pm, Bluebell Lane, Mullaghbawn Admission £10 contact Rural Health Partnership on 02830861220.

Silverbridge Senior Citizens and Special Needs Association: 

Monthly function on Fri 2nd Aug in Silverbridge. All welcome.

Last week’s envelope collection total:   £1131.13  &  €193.65. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Next Fri is the first Friday the housebound will be attended as follows:

MONDAY Cullyhanna  & TUESDAY  Dorsey & NTH after 11am both days.


Sunday 4th Aug:  Detty Reel     Sunday 11th Aug: Claire Savage

Eucharistic Ministers Cullyhanna:

Sunday 4th Aug:  Marie Rushe & Marie Duffy

Sunday 11th Aug:  Elizabeth McCreesh & Maurita Murray

Altar Society for month of Aug:   Any 2 cleaners available please.

DORSEY Readers:

Sat 3rd Aug: Mary Johnston       Sat 10thAug:   Caroline Donnelly

Eucharistic Ministers for St Oliver’s:

Sat 3rd Aug: Margaret Walsh     Sat 10th Aug: Renee McKinley

Altar Society for month of August:     Jacinta Reel & Catriona McCreesh

Bible Reflections:  Continues this Wed 31st July @ 7.30pm in Cullyhanna Parochial House.

Feast of the Assumption:   Wed 14th Aug Vigil mass in Dorsey @ 7.30pm and Thurs 15th Aug Cullyhanna 10am. (Note no 9am mass in Cullyhanna).

WALD Centre:  Couch 2 10k Bike ride: Every Tuesday @ 7.30pm. Suitable for those who have not been on a bike in a while.

Theology Course:  If you are interested in finding out more about the up and coming theology course please contact Maura Conlon or Fr Tremer for further information.

Eucharistic Adoration St Patrick’s Cullyhanna:  Wednesday morning Adoration has now ceased for the summer it will resume in Mid-September 2019.  Monday evening, Eucharistic Adoration will continue as normal commencing at 6.50pm through to 7.50pm.  Please consider coming to spend an hour with Jesus and participate in the public recitation of the Holy Rosary, which commences approximately 7.35pm.  

Office contact details on 30861235 Mon-Fri 9.30am-12.30pm or via email Lowercregganparish@hotmail.com or Fr Tremer on pplowercreggan@gmail.com  Parish Web Site:  Lowercregganparish.com