Masses during Lockdown

At the weekend Masses ( 21 / 22 November 2020 ) I proposed that people would be able to come to Cullyhanna church this weekend ( i.e. 29th November 2020 ) during lockdown and stay in their car and later receive Holy Communion.

I have reconsidered this further and have now decided not to go along with this proposal. My change of mind is due to the fact that there would be no way to control how many cars might arrive and there could be a large crowd thereby increasing the risk of spreading the virus. This would go against the “stay at home” message which we are all being asked to maintain except in certain circumstances.

So I am now asking that you stay at home for the next two weekends and to stay safe.

Therefore, Mass will not be transmitted over the outside speakers and Holy Communion will not be distributed for the next two weekends in St Patrick’s Church, Cullyhanna.

All Masses will be broadcast live over the parish live stream –

Apologies for any confusion that this may cause.