Parish Bulletin 2 June 2019

Special Collection for the Columban Fathers: will take place on Sat 8th June & Sun 9th June at all Masses.

          Anniversary Masses

SAT 1st June        6.30pm Mass For the people.

Sunday 2nd June

Newtownhamilton 10am

Blessing of Graves 

Sheila Connolly MM.

Kevin Burke.

Mary Murphy.

Claire Murray.

Mary O’Rourke.

Rita & Peter Kelly & DM.

Mary & Thomas Murphy.        

SUN 2nd June      

Cullyhanna 11.30am

Theresa Reel.

Vincent Bellew.

Kitty Martin & DM.

Owen & Deirdre McCreesh & DM.

Kathleen, Frank, Annie Hearty & DM of Hearty, Reel & Moynes Families.   

MON 3rd June      8pm Mass Packie Rowland.    

TUES 4th   June    9am Mass

WED 5th June                  9.30am Mass

THUR  6th June    9am Mass

FRI 7th June         9am Mass  

SAT 8th  June               

Newtownhamilton 9am Mass

Dorsey        6.30pm Mass Peter Loughran. 

SUN 9th June      

Newtownhamilton 10am For the People.

Cullyhanna  11.30am

Anne Lloyd.

James McKeown & DM.

Rosaleen & Charles Hughes.

Michael-John & Angela Reel.  

Newtownhamilton Apostolic Workers: Will be displaying their work in St Michael’s Church on Sun 16th June.

Parish Web Site:  All the latest from the Parish will be available for viewing.

St Patrick’s GFC Lotto results:      3, 7, 25 & 26

Silverbridge Senior Citizens and Special needs club:   No monthly dance on Friday 7th June. Will resume again on Fri 5th July.

“Thy Kingdom Come” prayer initiative. In the period between this Sunday the Feast of the Ascension and next Sunday the Feast of Pentecost – we are invited by Archbishop Eamon to pray for 5 people of our choice. This means praying intentionally for five people, but not necessarily those we instinctively pray for on a regular basis. This “prayer for five” should be that God will bless the people for whom we have prayed and give them a deeper awareness of his infinite love for them. (See the parish web site for the complete text from Archbishop Eamon.)

Bereavement Support One to one Bereavement Support – confidentiality assured. Appointment not necessary (No cost involved) Time: Thursday mornings 10.30am – 12.30pm 

Venue: Armagh Diocesan Pastoral Centre, The Magnet, The Demesne, Dundalk. Enquiries: from South 042-9336393 from North 0035342-9336393 10am – 2pm 

Office contact details on 30861235 Mon-Fri 9.30am-12.30pm or via email or Fr Tremer on

Bible Reflections: Wednesday 5th June @ 7.30pm in Cullyhanna Parochial House. All welcome.


Sunday 9th June: Detty Reel      Sunday 16th June: Claire Savage

Eucharistic Ministers Cullyhanna

Sunday 9th June: Kathleen Loye & Siobhan Casey

Sunday 16th June: Marie Rushe & Elizabeth McCreesh

Altar Society for month of June:   Helen Largey


Readers for St Oliver’s:

Sat 8th June: Mary Johnston        Sat 15th June: Caroline Donnelly

Eucharistic Minister for St Oliver’s:

Sat 8th June: Brendan Johnston   Sat 15th June: Margaret Walsh

Altar Society for month of June:     Joanne Murphy & Sharon Hearty

Next Fri is the first Friday – Housebound will be attended as follows:

Monday – Cullyhanna     Tuesday – Dorsey & NTH

after 11am both days.

NOTICE: There will be NO weekday masses Tues 18th June-Friday 21st June.

Triduum to The Sacred Heart: will be on 26th, 27th & 28th June @ 7.30pm in Cullyhanna.

NOTICE:  A pilgrim walk will take place to honour the 350th Anniversary of the Appointment of St Oliver Plunkett to the See of Armagh in 1669. The walk is also in preparation for the unveiling of a new statue of St Oliver to be unveiled on July 9th in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh.  The Walk will begin at St Peter’s Church, Drogheda the home of St Oliver’s precious relic on Sunday 7th July at 11am and finish at St Patrick’s Cathedral on the evening of Tuesday July 9th. The schedule for the walk in our parish is 8th July 2019 – 4pm approx. Ballsmill Rd Jct. with Glassdrummond Rd. Pause for Prayer – Through Silverbridge – Via Drumalt Road (NE & parallel to A29) 6.30pm Blykes Inn on Bonds Road -Turn onto the 2nd Bonds Rd. Junction off Drumalt Rd on short cul-de-sac on Bonds Rd – PRAYER SERVICE, 8pm Church of St. Oliver Plunkett, Dorsey – EVENING MASS.  Tuesday 9th July 11.30am Blykes Inn – On short cul-de-sac on Bonds Rd. – Pause for Prayer- Lough Road, Coach Road 1.30pm St. Michael’s Church, Newtownhamilton – Pause for Prayer – (Change over to the next parish)  The pilgrim walk will start in our parish on Monday 8th July at 4pm. For your safety please assemble on the Legmoylin Road – near to the New Road.

“Beam me up Scotty” is a famous phrase from the Star Trek series. When the captain of the spaceship gave this command, he would be transported from the spaceship to the planet below. There was no explanation as to how this could be done – we the viewers just believed without question. Is Ascension just another “transporter?” No, it is much much more than just a quick way to travel. Ascension refers to the event when Jesus returns to the Father. In faith, we believe he leaves us and yet he is still all around us. The physical body of Jesus leaves this world but He does not desert us. His followers wanted him to stay but Jesus ascends so that the Spirit can descend. We will benefit because he leaves us. Explain that – Mr Spock