Synod questions !

Questionnaire on the Synodal Process.

The Catholic Church throughout the world is taking part in discussions on Synodality (which means “walking together on the way”). I invite you to reflect on the following 4 questions.

  1. What memory or experience of the Catholic Church do you value or cherish most in your life?
  2. How can our Church be a welcoming and inclusive community?
  3. How can we be listened to more effectively and encouraged to participate in decision-making processes in the church?
  4. What inspires you in the life of your parish community to bring the love of Christ into the world? What discourages you?

Your answers will give a snap shot of how you feel about the church. Please do take the time to send me your answers either on a page and drop it into the parochial house in Cullyhanna, or send your reply by email or by private messenger. You do not need to sign your replies. All replies will be collated with other responses and form an overall presentation which will be forwarded from the Irish Bishops to the Vatican Offices. I will also give parishioners an opportunity to attend a meeting and give their opinions in person.

Printed copies of these questions will be available after all masses this weekend 13th  / 14th  November 2021.