September – December 2019
The National Centre for Liturgy, St Patrick’s College,
Maynooth offers four Modules in the first semester of the
academic year 2019-20.
Lectures will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,
morning and afternoon, beginning at 10.00 a.m. and
ending at 4.00 p.m. Eucharist is celebrated at 12.05 each
Module I: What, then, is Liturgy?
This module will lead participants to an understanding of
liturgy as a primary act of the believing community. It will
explore theological and human dimensions, consider the
function of music in Christian worship as well as encompass
history and ecumenism.
Module II: The Church’s Year: Time, Seasons and Feast
This module is designed to give participants in-depth theological
and liturgical understanding of the Church’s Year
and to facilitate appreciation of the growth in Christian
faith that happens in the course of its celebration.
Module III: Christian Initiation: Order of the Christian Initiation
of Adults
This module is designed to introduce participants to how
Christians are made. Through a mixture of input, practical
opportunities and reflection, participants will grow in confidence
in their knowledge and practice of Christian Initiation
and reflect on their own experience and how their
pastoral contexts may expand their ministry in this vital aspect
of the life of the Church.
Module IV: Scripture and Liturgy – Ministers, Proclamation,
Participants are introduced to how liturgy interprets the
scriptural text, as well as the theological intention of the
Lectionary. It will open up the riches of the Liturgy of the
Hours, understood as the daily participation of the Church
in the paschal mystery of Christ. This module will school students
in the arts of liturgical proclamation and equip them
in the discipline of being spiritually prepared to proclaim
the Word of God.
National Centre
for Liturgy
St Patrick’s College
Co. Kildare
Module I
Begins on Tuesday Morning, 10.00am, 24 September 2019
Module II
Begins on Tuesday Afternoon, 2.00pm, 24 September 2019
Module III
Begins on Wednesday Morning, 10.00am, 25 September 2019
Module IV
Begins on Wednesday Afternoon, 2.00pm, 25 September 2019
Eucharist is celebrated each day in St Mary’s Oratory 12:05pm
All Modules conclude on the week beginning
9 December 2019

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